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January 29, 2013
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MM - Suzume Kamioka by le-papillon-rouge MM - Suzume Kamioka by le-papillon-rouge
for :iconmorphos-metaphor:

Let's get in this time :iconjunesplz:

EDIT: I GOT IN THIS TIME :icontearplz:
I'm available on MC and Skype to RP~!

:bulletred: Name:
Suzume Kamioka (神岡すずめ)

:bulletred: Nicknames:
Suzu-san, Suzu-nee (Misora), Second Place

:bulletred: Age:

:bulletred: Birthday:
April 30 (Taurus)

:bulletred: Height:
5'8 (172 cm)

:bulletred: Weight:
140 lbs (63 kg)

Three (Transfer)

:bulletred: Weapon:
Shinai (Bamboo Practice Sword)

Kendo has been Suzume's main sport for the last three years – the longest she's ever dedicated herself to one sport – and she's been using the same shinai for all these years. When most shinai break and need to be replaced, she's taken great care for her own. However, she owns backup shinai just in case.

:bulletred: Arcana:
VIII – Justice
Responsibility – Cleverness – Order – Balance
Judgmental – Distant – Critical – Insensitivity

:bulletred: Arcana Rank:

:bulletred: Suit:

:bulletred: Nationality:

:bulletred: Persona:

:bulletred: Movelist:

:bulletred: Power Slash
:bulletred: Bash
:bulletred: Assault Dive
:bulletred: Skewer
:bulletblue: Tarukaja
:bulletblue: Sukunda
:bulletyellow: Counter
:bulletyellow: Regenerate 1

:bulletred: Likes:
:bulletblack: PIZZA
:bulletblack: Good cooking
:bulletblack: Food in general
:bulletblack: Kendo
:bulletblack: Summer
:bulletblack: Hanging out with friends
:bulletblack: Reading
:bulletblack: Karaoke
:bulletblack: Shoujo manga and otome games

:bulletred: Dislikes:
:bulletblack: Bad cooking
:bulletblack: Negativity
:bulletblack: Winter
:bulletblack: Losing
:bulletblack: Embarrassing herself
:bulletblack: Being second place
:bulletblack: Arrogant people
:bulletblack: Her sister

:bulletred: Personality::
Outgoing, cheerful and positive, Suzume's the kind of girl to have lots of friends. She loves to talk to just about anyone, no matter how scary they seem – as long as they talk with her. Suzume likes to relax whenever possible, but when it's time for her to go to work, she'll focus on that task at hand and get things done (if only so that she can have more time to relax). She likes to plan things ahead, but if someone else is planning an event, she'll just go with the flow. Despite her friendly attitude, she finds it hard to show her real emotions, prioritizing people's happiness and peace of mind over herself. However, when she believes someone's being too arrogant, she'll start to ignore them, and if it really gets bad, belittle them in front of their faces. It can be hard for her to get over someone's excessive pride, or people who cross the line in her opinion, unless they do something completely drastic to change her mind. Secretly, she's jealous of people with lots of awards and fame (like her sister) and wishes she could be naturally talented, forgetting her own good traits.

:bulletred: Strengths
:bulletblack: Positive – Suzume always steers the conversation in positive lights as much as possible.
:bulletblack: Hardworking – She gets stuck doing most of the work in a group situation, but it's because of her dedication to her studies and kendo that people think of her as reliable.
:bulletblack: Proactive – Suzume's willing to to do anything and comes up with stuff for her and her friends to do. She doesn't procrastinate on homework.
:bulletblack: Approachable – Anyone could be her friend. She's the kind of person who attracts others.
:bulletblack: Natural Leader – Even if she doesn't want to sometimes, she's good at being one.
:bulletblack: Prepared – A natural planner. She likes knowing what's going on before she does anything.

:bulletred: Weaknesses:
:bulletblack: Envious – Though she has many great traits and talents, she wants other's successes to be her.
:bulletblack: Indulgent – She likes to eat, and eat a lot. Especially if it's pizza. It's not good for her metabolism...
:bulletblack: Sore Loser – She hates to lose, period, and the closer to victory she is, the worse it is. Although she might not show outside, it definitely hurts her.
:bulletblack: Buries her Feelings – A firm believer in crying is weakness. Her main way of dealing with problems is laughing them off.
:bulletblack: Judgmental – People who look they are full of themselves piss her off.
:bulletblack: Impatient – Doesn't like to wait for anything for long periods of time. Doesn't like dilly-dallying.

:bulletred: History:
Suzume is originally from Kirimori, but her parents divorced when she was ten, so she and her dad moved to Osaka. Suzume, like most kids, tried out many sports, but started getting the nickname of 'Second Place Suzume' because every time she went into a high stakes match, she and/or her team always got second place. Afterwards, she'd quit the sport and try something else. In comparison, her little sister Misora, a natural performer, became the youngest member to join Sky Girls, a popular idol group. Her mother, even before the divorce, never failed to remind Suzume of Misora's success when she stayed with her during vacations in Kirimori. The jealous Suzume tried to become just as successful when she decided on kendo as her main sport, and eventually invited her mom to her first big kendo tournament to prove herself. She finally won and 'broke her curse' – but on the way to the tournament, her mom got into an accident and died instantly. Her sister became the owner of their mother's family's manor, so Suzume and her dad moved backed to Kirimori to help her manage the place.

:bulletred: Trivia:
Suzume's dad is a chef who worked in a high class hotel restaurant. Therefore, she's used to having restaurant quality leftovers for dinner. Suzume herself can't cook very well, except for desserts. Her dad was unemployed for a little while, but finally got a job as a sushi chef in a high class restaurant. :new:

Suzume's mother's family originally were known for making high quality kimonos, though in the last century they had switched to managing real estate. Though not as wealthy as before, they still made a lot of money.

Suzume's maternal grandparents are dead, and they don't have any close relatives, which is why Misora inherited the manor by herself.

Suzume's favorite pizza is anything with lots of meat in it. (So essentially, a Meat Lover's pizza or something like that).

Suzume dislikes her sister mainly because of the attention her mom gave her, but hasn't seen her sister in person for eight years. Her impression of her comes from the personality that she sees her sister use on television – haughty and ladylike – which irritates her greatly.

Currently dating Jou Taiga: [link] :new: They met during Valentine's Day.

Social Links:
[link] :new:

Piggybank: Morphos Points and Inventory:
[link] :new:
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